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WATCH: Pregnant woman becomes hysterical after realising she had urinated in toilet with massive snake

We have all seen disturbing videos of snakes just casually swimming up toilet bowls and entering houses. That scenario always seems too far-fetched until it happens to you.

This is exactly that kind of terrifying situation a woman found herself in according to “10newsfirst”.


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The woman is heard crying and screaming, “Oh my god, oh my god, I just peed,” as she points the camera towards the toilet, where a huge snake is just ‘chilling’.

In disbelief, the woman keeps repeating that she had urinated and had not realised that the cold-blooded reptile was inside there.

According to “10newsfirst”, luckily for the distressed woman, the animal was identified as a yellow rat snake, which is non-venomous.

“A pregnant woman has had the fright of her life after discovering a 1.5 metre yellow rat snake in her toilet … only after she had already used it. The non-venomous snake did not attack the woman as she did her business in the dark but scared her “to death” when she turned the light on,” the news outlet reported.

“Let this be your reminder to check your toilet for unwanted guests. While rare, you don’t want to be caught with your pants down.”

But what terrifies humans so much about these creatures? Well, the phobia of snakes is called ophidiophobia and creates an intense overwhelming fear of snakes.

According to scientists, a person is more prone to develop this phobia if a close friend or family has a strong fear of snakes.

There are other superstitions and cultural meanings: There are several myths and cultural ideas that lead to ophidiophobia.

Experts also believe that this is an inherent and evolutionary advantage granted to people who avoided deadly creatures.



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