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Girl,12, who shot dad then turned gun on herself in murder pact revealed

In September 2022, a 12-year-old girl from the US made headlines around the world as she shot her father in the stomach, then proceeded to fire a bullet into her own head.

It was reported that the child fled the house after wounding her father and then later turned the gun on herself outdoors.

According to authorities, this grisly parricide (the deliberate killing of one’s own father, mother, or both) was part of an elaborate plot between the girl and her friend.

The pair had apparently planned to kill their families and then run away together, according to “People Magazine’’.

However, the young girl died only two days after the incident as she could not be healed of her self-inflicted head wound.

In a turn of events, the girl’s father survived the attack. New details have emerged in the case, such as the youngster’s name, which is said to be Emma Brown and her victim and father, 38-year-old Daniel Brown.

This was reported by “Mail Online,” which said the family resided in the town of Poolville in the state of Texas. The pictures that were shared by the media outlet of the girl and her father posing with assault rifles are now making the rounds on social media and have gone viral.

Brown, who grew up around guns, was supposedly in Grade 7 when she intended to murder her whole family and pets, along with another 12-year-old girl from Lufkin, Texas, though how they met is unknown.

Authorities announced that the second girl, who has not been identified, has been charged with murder conspiracy. In South Africa, children have relatively harder access to firearms.

This is due to the Firearms Control Act, which was passed by Parliament in 2000 to help police and courts deal with the significant rise in firearm-related violence.

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