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Bizarre moment thief is captured on CCTV eating family’s food before operation

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A suspected thief exposed himself after he broke into a family’s home in Australia to rob.

The man entered the home in Teesdale, near Geelong, last Thursday and allegedly stole $5,000 worth of jewellery and two jet skis worth $15,000 each.

He was also caught on security footage bizarrely eating a bowl of cereal in the home he had broken into.

Mother-of-two Lexie Hern claimed her late grandmother’s gold chain was one of the pieces of jewellery that was taken.

She explained that CCTV footage allegedly showed the man enter her property and search through a number of rooms including bedrooms and the bathroom.

He then walks into the kitchen at one point and helps himself to a bowl of cereal with milk.

CCTV shows the dark-haired man, wearing a white T-shirt and a face mask pulled under his chin, eating from the bowl and making noises. ‘Oh, yum,’ he is heard saying.

He then turns towards the camera and makes plane sounds as he continues eating.

Ms. Hern said her security cameras had caught the ‘absolute idiot who broke in’.

‘This person has just casually entered our home, helped himself to food and our bathroom, and just taken off with our things,’ she told the Geelong Advertiser.

‘Then he just finishes his bowl, puts it down.

‘Next thing you know, he’s hooking the trailer up, and off he goes with our jet skis on it.’

She added that it was scary the man had broke in during the day.

The woman described the area she lives in as ‘pretty quiet’ and said the theft was the ‘first time I’ve heard of anything like this happening around here in ages’.

Anyone with information is urged to contact police.


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