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Bride dies after house fire broke out on her wedding day

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A devastated family is now planning a funeral after a woman tragically died after a house fire on her wedding day.

Paige Ruddy, 19, died from a brain haemorrhage caused by smoke inhalation on Tuesday in Reedsburg, Wisconsin.

She was due to have a small ceremony with her fiancée Logan Mitchell-Carter at the Sauk County Courthouse.

Paige and Logan had enhanced vows privately the night before. The couple were living together with his grandparents who owned the home.

The family tried to save Paige along with police, firefighters and paramedics, but nothing could be done to spare her life.

She “passed surrounded by her family and friends who took up a large waiting room in the hospital”, according to a fundraising page.

“She was just a precious human. There was nothing about her that you couldn’t like,” Ruddy’s Aunt Holly said to NBC 15. “She was this presence you never knew you needed in your life, but always did.”

Paige’s school friend Lily Markgraf said the bride-to-be had a “big caring heart”.

Lily said: “She was there for anyone who needed it, even if she didn’t like the person. If they needed her help, she’d be there to help them. I’m going to miss her for the rest of my life.”

The family, which has had GoFundMe page appealing for funds set up on their behalf, said they believed there were no working smoke detectors in the property Paige was in.

The fundraiser page, which has so far raised over $11,000, read: “Monday night the Ruddy family in Reedsburg, Wisconsin went to sleep excited to attend Paige Ruddy and Logan Mitchell-Carter’s small wedding ceremony.

“Instead, they were woken by police to be informed that there was a fire. Despite the amazing efforts of those who love her, the Reedsburg police and firefighters, EMTs, med flight, and the amazing staff at UW hospital over two horrible days, Paige could not be saved.

“She passed surrounded by her family and friends who took up a large waiting room in the hospital.”

It continued: “There are enough good qualities about Paige to fill up a room. Since she was a toddler Paige was full of life, ready to help anyone with anything, and an absolute joy to be around. She was kind, fun, and according to her family had lots of spunk.

“Paige always worked hard at everything she did. All the normal things a kid does, but also extra things to help her grandparents, parents, siblings, and friends.

“Everything from helping grandma with drywall to helping her parents with the day-to-day work as the oldest sibling of three.”


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