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WATCH: TikToker finds out cheating husband is not dead, but he’s living his best life in Mexico with a mistress

An American woman who was grieving her husband and blaming herself for his “suicide”, had a rude awakening when she learnt that he was actually not dead, but living his best life in Mexico with his mistress.

Like any other person who uses TikTok to express themselves in any shape or form, Anessa Rossi told her story about how her grief turned into anger when she discovered the man who she thought was dead, was actually alive and had moved on with his mistress of six years.

Anessa Rossi’s husband with his mistress in Mexico

Rossi said she was told by police in Miami that her husband took his life on January 22. She assisted in planning the funeral but didn’t got to her husband’s side of the family because they said they were in the middle of a bitter divorce.

She said she went through two months of grieving and blaming herself for her husband’s death to a point she was also tempted to commit suicide.

But in March, she discovered that her husband was actually alive and living in Mexico with his mistress of six years.

Her video immediately went viral and led her husband to respond to his alleged death.

Tim, Rossi’s husband also made a video calling his wife a liar

He introduced himself as Tim and said he’s 41 years old, doesn’t have social media and doesn’t “feed” into drama.

He said he actually learnt about his “death” from Rossi’s mother.

“When her mother called me, she was checking if I was alive because Anessa told her that I had committed suicide,” he said.

Tim went on to call Rossi a liar, saying she lied about her mother being in a coma for months.

He said Rossi lied to a lot of people about a scar on her tummy, saying that she got it when she was kidnapped and raped, whereas she got it from a tummy tuck procedure.

“How do you lie about something like that,” he asked.

In response, Rossi posted conversations she had with different people about her husband’s death because she thought he was dead.

Regarding the sexual assault, Rossi said she will not talk about something that was traumatic in her life.

She admitted that she had a couple of cosmetic surgeries and has never hid it from anyone.



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