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Creating convenience in the township eatery market

Johannesburg – The main objective of township economic development is to enhance the economic activity taking place and enhance inclusivity in all spheres of life.

Godiragetse Mogajane from Hammanskraal created the Delivery Ka Speed service in July 2021 to combat youth unemployment. Tsholofelo Lebelo, 27, Head of Marketing, took us into the world of Delivery Ka Speed.

The company delivers food from outlets to the township. They deliver food from mainstream restaurants and local fast food establishments. The company strictly operates in the township vicinity and delivers food from KFC, McDonald’s and Nandos, Chicken Licken and Kota café, just to name a few.

For deliveries, they have a variety of vehicles, namely ZBEE electric three-wheeler, electric bikes, petrol private cars and scooter bicycles. When this company was established, Mogajane saw there was a gap in the township market, which was the need for convenience that had only been afforded to people in suburban areas.

Lebelo said: “You are in Sandton today, you’re able to get a food delivery, irrespective of where you are within that surrounding. When you get home to the township, you have to go straight to the mall and stand in long queues to get a simple meal like wings. We breached that gap and provided the same experience that inhabitants of suburban areas have to the townships.”

Some of the vehicles used to deliver the food. Picture: Supplied

Lebelo said what inspired the establishment of Delivery Ka Speed is arguably simple and inspiring.

“It was an issue of seeking convenience, where it did not exist in the township. Being able to relax, read a book or spend time with your family while other things like food are being bought and prepared on your behalf. Being able to receive your fast food favourites at your doorstep.”

The establishment of the company brought a huge relief to the community because they had been longing for such services in the heart of the township. Lebelo said what makes the 100% black-owned business different from the competition is that their business model is uniquely designed specifically for the township and its pros and cons, respectively.

The first concern the company dealt with was familiarising the business to the people of the township. The second concern was the way the township market would respond to their services, but they were fortunate enough that all the people that they had employed for the company’s day-to-day operations were people born and bred in the township. So it was easy to navigate the township and reach their targeted audience.

Lebelo said it was of the utmost importance that the business is 100% black-owned because the fundamental principles of the business itself are the same values as BEE.

“It is a very crucial pillar as the aim is to empower the youth, eradicate unemployment and also grow the township economy and change lives,” Lebelo explained.

Paying it forward to the communities that they serve, Lebelo said, “one of the two founding objectives of the business is poverty alleviation by dealing decisively with unemployment.”

The team behind the idea. Picture: Supplied

“Being able to identify the high unemployment rate in the township, more especially among the youth who have little access to opportunities,” Lebelo explained.

Delivery Ka Speed has managed to employ the youth of the township, who have all the necessary skills. They have also boosted other local businesses by partnering with them. The Delivery ka Speed app is available on Google Play Store for Android-supporting devices and the App store for IOS devices.

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