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Dina Boluarte sworn in as Peru's president, Pedro Castillo in custody after coup attempt

Dec. 8 (UPI) — Dina Boluarte has been sworn in as Peru’s president and said she would govern until July 2026.

Her ascension came after a tumultuous 24 hours in which former president Pedro Castillo attempted to dissolve congress but instead was impeached and arrested for rebellion.


Boluarte called for national unity during remarks after being sworn in, urging Peruvians to come together as she seeks a political “truce” to battle corruption.

Boluarte is Peru’s first female president and until Wednesday was serving as vice president. In her first speech as president, she vowed to fight corruption with the support of Peru’s Attorney General and Comptroller’s Office.

“My first task is to fight corruption, in all forms,” Boluarte said. “I have seen with revulsion how the press and judicial bodies have reported shameful acts of robbery against the money of all Peruvians, this cancer must be rooted out.”

Former president Castillo was impeached Wednesday by a majority vote in the Peruvian Congress. At least seven cabinet members resigned when Castillo announced in a televised address that he would dissolve Congress.

Police and the Peruvian armed forces issued a joint public statement Wednesday saying they would abide by the constitution. The reaction against Castillo’s attempted coup was swift and decisive, dissolving his 18-month presidency.


Peru Libre, the political party that got Castillo elected, called his attempt to dissolve Congress an attack on democracy. The president of the party, Vladimir Cerron, said he would not support “the coup d’état in progress.”

According to Peruvian daily El Comercio, Castillo was taken into custody as he and his family left the presidential palace, reportedly heading for the Mexican embassy in Lima to possibly claim political asylum. Police told the security officer driving Castillo’s family to stop and Castillo was taken into custody by Peru’s Attorney General.

The attorney general’s office said evidence is being gathered against Castillo as investigators were seen taking boxes away from the presidential palace and government ministries overnight.

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