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Derry teen who saved choking girl praised as human angel

Blake MitchellLisa Mitchell

A Londonderry teenager has been praised for his quick thinking during a medical emergency at a local park.

Blake Mitchell was out with friends a week ago when 12-year-old Kayla Boreland was hurt after a fall.

She was knocked unconscious and started to choke. Blake immediately jumped into action and rushed to her attention.

The 14-year-old carefully placed Kayla into the recovery position and held her tongue to free her airways.

Her mother Emma said Blake was “a little human angel” for “saving Kayla’s life”.

Blake stayed with Kayla until help arrived at the scene.

Blake’s mother Lisa Mitchell told BBC News NI she was incredibly proud of her son and commended his quick reactions.

“A group of girls were out playing when Blake just heard a big thump,” she said.

“He looked over and saw the girl’s friends panicking, they were understandably in shock and didn’t know what to do.

“Blake ran over and said that the girl was making sort of gargling noises and immediately knew she was choking and just instinctively knew to try make sure she could breathe.”

After Blake helped, Kayla’s friends phoned for help.

“We are just so thankful because it could have been a very different story,” she said.

“Blake is a naturally very caring person and it’s just in his nature to help, he’s just that kind of person.”

‘So grateful’

“I don’t think Kayla would be here today if it wasn’t for Blake’s actions,” Emma Boreland said.

“I am just so grateful that he was there and knew what to do.”

Kayla has been discharged from hospital and her mother said she was recovering well.

“She is on painkillers and is still a bit sore, but they way she fell, it could have been a lot worse so we are just thankful,” Ms Boreland said.

She said Blake’s actions were something her family will never forget.


It’s not everyday one of your pupils saves a life. Last week Blake, Year 10, was with some friends…

Posted by Lisneal College on Monday, December 5, 2022

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Michael Allen, principal of Blake’s school Lisneal College, also praised him.

He described Blake as a humble young man who did not fully comprehend yet the enormity of his actions.

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