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First-time Powerball player wins $150,000 prize

Nov. 28 (UPI) — A Michigan man who was inspired by a rising jackpot to buy his first Powerball ticket ended up winning a $150,000 prize.

Avery Williams, 27, of Burton, told Michigan Lottery officials he used the lottery’s website to buy his first Powerball ticket when he noticed the size of the jackpot for the Nov. 5 drawing.


“I’d never played Powerball before, but I decided to purchase some tickets when the jackpot got over $1 billion,” Williams said. “I was getting ready for work the morning after the drawing and remembered I had to check my tickets. I logged in to my lottery account and knew I’d won big as soon as I saw my account balance. I couldn’t believe it!”

Williams scored a $150,000 prize from the drawing. He said his winnings will go toward making investments and remodeling his home.

“Winning is a huge relief and will allow me to do things I otherwise would not have been able to,” he said.


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