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The C Seed N1 is a foldable 4K TV straight out of a sci-fi movie

Large screens televisions have been around for a long time now, and with more Laser TVs and projectors launching, the compact approach seems to be the direction large screen experiences are headed towards. However, while ‘compact’ for a TV usually means a slimmer TV or a projector-like implementation, we now have a large screen TV by Austrian luxury brand C Seed, that quite literally, folds.

Enter the C Seed N1, an expensive 4K television that comes in three screen sizes, folds out when you want to watch content and automatically folds back into a small sculpture when not in use, maintaining an artistic aesthetic in your living room. The N1 has a minimalist approach in its folded form, and most people won’t even recognise it as a full-fledged television until it opens up.

Check out the video below to see how the sculpture-like form morphs into a large-screen television.

Once opened, the C Seed N1 is capable of turning 180-degrees on the left and right side both, making it versatile for various room layouts. For the specifications, the TV has a 4K MicroLED display panel and HDR10+ support. There is an integrated twin 100W speaker setup as well. The company also claims the screen can output true blacks and vibrant colours without any glare.

The TV also comes with five HDMI ports with HDCP 2.2 support for input and also features two USB ports and one RJ45 port. Note that the N1 is just a TV, not a Smart TV, so you will have to pair this with a streaming device or set-top box to make the most out of it.

Despite the screen folding into multiple, seemingly disconnected parts, C Seed claims there is no segmentation visible when the screen is completely folded out, thanks to the brand’s patented Adaptive Gap Calibration tech, which joins the folded parts together to create a seamless visual experience.

The C Seed N1 TV is available in a single titanium matt metallic colour, and will be manufactured in in three sizes– 165-inch, 137-inch and the smallest 103-inch variant. Prices for the C Seed N1 start at EUR 180,000, so it definitely isn’t for the average buyer.


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