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Ideal features for an Android-based Bitcoin wallet |

Maybe you’re reading this article because you need a Bitcoin wallet to use with your Android smartphone. Perhaps, you want to invest in Bitcoin or purchase this cryptocurrency and store it in your Android-based crypto wallet. Ideally, you require a crypto wallet to receive, store, and transfer Bitcoin. But an excellent digital wallet comes with innovative features to protect your funds from scammers and hackers.

After trading in Bitcoins on platforms like the Oil Profit, you want to transfer them to a safe crypto wallet quickly. Crypto exchanges allow you to buy this cryptocurrency with fiat money, like this Oil Profit. After buying your tokens, you can cash them and send the funds to your bank account. Alternatively, you can send them to your crypto wallet. Therefore, the safety of this storage is paramount. Also, your crypto wallet should have features that make using it a straightforward process. Here are some of them.

Better Security and Easy Interface
It’s impossible to over-emphasize the essence of security when selecting an Android-based Bitcoin wallet. Your digital wallet is like a bank account, and your private key is like an ATM PIN. Anybody with this key can access and quickly transfer your Bitcoins. Perhaps, the best crypto wallet has a 2-factor authentication and other security features.

User Interface
Another crucial consideration for an Android-based Bitcoin wallet is the user interface. Ideally, choose a wallet you can comfortably use with your Android device. The platform should have an easy-to-access menu for easy usage at any time.

Hierarchical Deterministic Technology
HDT is a crucial feature for an ideal Android-based Bitcoin wallet. Using the same address to receive Bitcoins in your Android-based wallet can create a sequence that can help criminals trace your real-life identity. And this annihilates Bitcoin’s anonymity character.

HDT wallets render nominal accurate identity traceability for details like your address, sex, and name. Thus, these wallets maintain the Bitcoin wallet’s anonymity feature. Therefore, pick a crypto wallet that uses explicit technology. While this could cost you more, investing in a wallet with this feature is worth your money.

Multisig is among the essential parameters to acknowledge a Bitcoin wallet’s efficiency and safety. Ideally, multi-sig refers to the signature the wallet requires you to append to authorize a transaction. Currently, only a few crypto wallets come with this feature. Apart from the private key that the crypto wallet application generates, four-digit passcode and fingerprints, facial recognition are also common multi signatures. Nevertheless, choose a Bitcoin wallet that authorizes you to access your wealth by providing a private key.

It’s vital to pay attention to your Android-based wallet’s transparency level. Ideally, you must ensure that nobody else can access your wallet without your authorization. All wallet activities must be transparent because its code is open source. Also, regularly updating the wallet’s source code should be a straightforward process.

An ideal Android-based crypto wallet should be affordable without compromising technology and quality. Some Android Bitcoin wallets provide the best-in-class services. Unfortunately, their costs are incredibly high. Nevertheless, you can find a quality Bitcoin wallet with reasonable expenses.

Final Thoughts
Any Android user can find Bitcoin wallets developers have created for their specific devices. However, these wallets come with varying features. Some of these wallets have top-notch features and services. Nevertheless, Android users should pick easy-to-use and highly secure Bitcoin wallets. Also, they must choose wallets that are compatible with their Android devices. On top of that, the best crypto wallets for Android must be easy to update regularly and use at any time.  

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