Say it ain’t so! Julia Roberts says she won’t be doing any more romcoms

The queen of romantic comedies, Julia Roberts, has decided to renounce her title.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 50-year-old actress said that it’s unlikely her fans will see her take the lead in another romcom because she feels she could no longer convincingly pull off the role.

“[These films] just don’t work at a certain point of life experience … It’s not even about age; it’s just about what people know that you know,” she explained.

Roberts hasn’t turned her back on the romantic comedy genre, in fact she admits that she loves watching these sorts of films and says she’d be open to playing a parent in one of them.

As Roberts hangs up her crown, we look back at four of the best moments from the many romcoms she’s starred in over the years.

(WARNING! This article contains spoilers.)


In this tear-jerker, a terminally ill women has to come to terms with the fact that her ex-husband, Luke Harrison’s, new wife Isabel Kelly (Roberts) will effectively replace her as the mother of her children.

When Luke (Ed Harris) asks Isabel to marry him, she opens a ring box to discover a cotton reel and thus one of the most romantic and memorable onscreen proposals unfolds.

Watch what happens:

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