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If Jesus Christ were Ghanaian, I wouldn’t have believed in him – Italy-based Queen mother –

Nana Yaa Boamah I, a Ghanaian queen mother among the Ghanaian community in Italy, has criticized Ghana’s leadership and citizenry regarding the country’s economic situation.

Speaking at a program organized by the Berekum Citizens Association in Italy, she emphasized the need for a change in the national mentality to foster development.

Nana Yaa Boamah I, highlighted the pervasive corruption within Ghana, stating, “If we are supposed to speak the truth, it would be a disaster because in the country that we live in (Ghana), we are all thieves. From the unborn generation to the president, everyone is a thief.”

She further criticized the electoral process in Ghana, asserting that it is heavily influenced by financial incentives.

“In this country, we will not vote unless we share money with people before one would vote. With this kind of attitude, even if you tell the white man, he won’t believe it,” she said.

She also touched on the broader societal implications of this corruption, suggesting that it is so deep-rooted that even a figure like Jesus Christ would struggle to gain belief in such an environment.

“If Jesus were a Ghanaian, I wouldn’t have believed in him.”

According to her, the practice of vote-buying undermines the democratic process and hinders the country’s progress.


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