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You can still make wealth while in the north – McDan –

Dr. Daniel McKorley, Chairman of the McDan Group of Companies, has advised the youth in the northern part of Ghana to focus on their aspirations and envision their future with patience and determination.

This, according to him, can make them wealthy while residing in the north, and they do not necessarily have to travel to the south to seek wealth and livelihood.

Dr McKorley was speaking at the McDan Youth Connect held at the University of Business and Integrated Development Studies (UBIDS), Wa, in the Upper West Region, on the theme: “Impacting Youth Development with Entrepreneurship.”

He emphasized that the youth must be patient and focused on their visions to gain the stamina required to build a great future.

“Let’s assume you are 22 years old and in level 400. You buy a thousand teak tree seedlings, each sold for GHC 1 to plant. It takes seven years for a teak tree to mature, and currently, the tree is going for 600 dollars,” he said.

“In seven years, it might be selling for 900 dollars, so if you multiply 900 dollars by a thousand, you will be $900,000 richer in seven years, and by then, you’ll be 29 years old. You’ll be almost a million dollars richer, sitting here in the north,” he asserted.

He stated that youth entrepreneurs are the future of the country’s greatness, hence the importance of impacting them for a bright future.

“The reason we are organizing this youth connect is to impact youth entrepreneurs. We have students and youths who need to be nurtured, mentored, and empowered. Some have passion but don’t know how to turn their visions into reality.”

“It’s not about money, but about showing them the way because I grew up on the street. I was raised by an illiterate mother, but she gave me the right attitude, and that keeps me going,” he stated.

He urged the youth to adopt the right attitude towards work and services, as these virtues would elevate them.

Winners of businesses that pitched during the program were awarded GHC10,000 each, while a physically challenged entrepreneur involved in the production of nylon and metal camp beds and chairs was also presented with GHC50,000 to help boost his business.

Source: gbcghanaonline.com

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