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Fella Makafui Wants My House So Badly – Medikal


Rapper Medikal has alleged that his ex-wife, Fella Makafui, is attempting to take over his house and is preparing to initiate a court process to that effect.

In a viral video, Medikal discussed the events that transpired in his home, leading to the current situation.

Over the weekend, reports emerged that Fella Makafui had called the police to investigate Medikal.

According to Medikal, this was because he had asked her cousin, Bless, to leave his house due to her continuous disrespect towards him.

“Right now, I know she wants to take me to court, do her worse. Like, she wants the house so badly but I built the house for my kid. It’s not for you (Fella). I don’t want you to leave the house, but I want your sister to leave my house. I want the kid to be happy. When she gets up, she sees her mom and dad, even if we are not together. Everyone can go about doing their job. I am not abusive. I won’t come fight you. Do your thing and live your life,” Medikal stated in the video circulating on social media.

Medikal mentioned that Fella currently resides in the guest room downstairs in his house. While he has no issues with her staying there, he wants her family members to leave.

He emphasized that he does not wish to fight with Fella over the house, considering they have a daughter together and he wants to avoid any situation that might lead to abuse.

Additionally, Medikal accused Fella of exposing their daughter to weed-infused toffees and gummies, which she allegedly brought home. He claimed their daughter almost consumed these items after finding them in Fella’s drawers.

The ex-couple tied the knot in 2020 and welcomed their first daughter, Island Frimpong. Medikal publicly announced their separation months ago, stating that they decided to focus on co-parenting their daughter. Fella had not directly addressed the separation until now, with her reported petition to the police to investigate Medikal.

In his reaction to the police case, Medikal aimed to inform the public about the ongoing situation.

He mentioned that Fella had not cooked for him for almost two years before their separation and revealed that he had funded Fella’s trips to the USA, Dubai and other parts of the world.

He also mentioned taking care of all household expenses, including paying for a nanny, driver, housekeeper etc.

He added that they had no problem co-parenting while sharing the same house until when he asked her cousin, Bless to leave the house.


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