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The shocking use of pork fat by footballers to neutralize juju –

The topic of black magic, or ‘juju’, has long been a contentious issue in football, especially within the African context.

This debate has been reignited by Naa Afrowa, a descendant of a family renowned for pioneering pork sales in Accra.

In a recent episode of GhanaWeb TV’s People & Places, she expounded on the various advantages of pork, emphasizing its nutritional values and other derived benefits.

Naa Afrowa disclosed that within the football community, there’s a belief that pork fat can counteract any negative spells cast upon players, and this belief once made it a lucrative commodity for her family business.

However, due to associated risks and a shift in business focus, she said her family has ceased this practice.

“Pork fat has been used traditionally to treat wounds. Footballers used to buy it from us, convinced that it could ward off any curses. It was a significant source of income, but we’ve discontinued it,” she explained to GhanaWeb’s Etsey Atisu.

Legendary Ghanaian footballer Asamoah Gyan also acknowledges the existence of juju in football.

He recalled that during his youth football days, people performed rituals believed to ensure victory.

Gyan admited that many players resort to juju in secrecy.

“It’s real; if it’s named, it exists. We were often instructed to perform certain rituals to win, and failure to comply would mean causing the team’s defeat.

“I recall a game where we were promised two goals if we followed specific instructions. There’s a common belief that a goal can be ‘locked’ with juju, and despite clear chances, only one goal will be scored,” he recounted on Dan Kwaku Yeboah TV.

He added that “People have their beliefs. Some may visit a spiritualist right after church. Many players, if honest, engage in such practices.

“Observant individuals can notice these rituals, though they’re kept secret. What one does in private, like a pastor before a sermon, remains their secret power. Some deeply involved in juju may outwardly appear pious,” Gyan concluded.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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