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Kwaku Manu Does Not Flaunt His Wealth-Oboy Siki

Kwaku Manu

Renowned Kumawood actor Oboy Siki has lauded his colleague, Kwaku Manu, for his humble demeanour despite his significant wealth.

In an interview with Angel FM, Oboy Siki praised Kwaku Manu’s modest lifestyle, highlighting his understated approach to his riches.

“Somebody like Kwaku Manu behaves like he is not rich but he actually is, just that he does not flaunt it,” he indicated.

According to him, Kwaku Manu, known for his hard work in the entertainment industry, has built a luxurious house in East Legon, proof of his success.

Additionally, he hinted at other undisclosed achievements by Kwaku Manu, underscoring the actor’s humility in keeping his wealth out of the public eye.

“I’m speaking the truth; I don’t care how he would feel about me saying this,” Oboy Siki emphasized, applauding Kwaku Manu’s down-to-earth attitude despite his considerable accomplishments.

Kwaku Manu, a prominent figure in Ghana’s entertainment scene, has earned accolades for his talent and dedication to his craft. Apart from his successful acting career, Kwaku Manu has ventured into hosting his show, where he interviews celebrities and shares the content across various social media platforms.

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