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‘That guy uses negativity to trend’ – ‘A Country Called Ghana’ director blasts Kwadwo Sheldon –

The director of ‘A Country called Ghana’, Frank Gharbin, has responded to YouTuber Kwadwo Sheldon’s review of his movie.

According to him, the YouTuber thrives on negativity and does not know anything about filmmaking.

This comes after Kwadwo Sheldon and Scanty, in one of their YouTube reviews, shared their opinions on the movie’s trailer.

Among the things they spoke about included the video colour grading, which they described as terrible.

Star and producer of the movie, Kwadwo Nkansah, also known as LilWin, has expressed strong disapproval of the content creator’s negative review of the movie.

LilWin criticized Sheldon for comparing Ghanaian cinema to American productions and suggested that he should have waited for the full movie release before making judgments based on the trailer alone.

Adding his voice to the development in a recent live interview with Hitz FM, Frank Gharbin stressed the importance of historical accuracy in filmmaking, particularly in aspects like setting, costumes, and colour grading.

He defended his choices by explaining that a film set in the era of Kwame Nkrumah should not have the bright picture quality of modern 6K cameras.

“In filmmaking, the time and place (the setting) matter. It determines the costumes, and mannerisms of the characters. It even determines the colour grading used for the movie.”

He added “For example, when you watch videos of the first Independence Day parade with Kwame Nkrumah in 1957 and you watch the Independence Day parades with Akufo-Addo now, you will see that there’s a clear difference between the two. So if I’m doing a movie around the era of Kwame Nkrumah and I give it a very bright picture, it means that even as a filmmaker, I have failed.

“So we could get the best pictures, but we were looking at the time and place of the action, and we know that everyone who shot with a 6K camera knows that the picture would be very bright,” he said.

Gharbin further dismissed Sheldon’s critique, suggesting that the content creator lacks a deep understanding of filmmaking.

“For me, he (Kwadwo Sheldon) is speaking as a layman, he is naive. He doesn’t know jack about filmmaking. That guy has been using negativity to trend, and it seems it’s working for him. It’s something that he’s been doing.

“If you ask him anything about filmmaking now, he might not know. He is just an attention seeker, especially as he usually wants to triumph with negativity, so he’s entitled to his opinions,” he said.

Despite the criticism, Gharbin reassured fans that his commitment to delivering quality movies and visuals remains unwavering.

He urged Ghanaians to expect high-quality productions that respect the country’s cinematic heritage.


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