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One jailed, others fined, bonded as court orders compensation for victim –

A man who conspired with two others to beat up a student wrongly accused of causing a tricycle rider’s penis to shrink has been sentenced to four months imprisonment by Awutu Breku District Court.

The court ordered Zakaria Zulkani to pay a fine of GHC2,400 in default and serve six months on the charge of publication of false news.

This was after Zulkani pleaded guilty to the charge of publication of false news.

On the charge of deceiving a public officer, the court ordered him to pay a fine of GHC1,200 in default, serve two months imprisonment as well, and serve a four-month jail term.

Additionally, he is to sign a bond to be of good behaviour within 12 months.
The sentences are to run consecutively.

Seidu Abdul Nasir, an accomplice, pleaded guilty with an explanation on the charge of conspiracy to commit a crime, with the court cautioning and discharging him because he had shown remorse in court.

On the charge of assault, the court ordered him to pay a fine of GHC1,800 in default and serve three months imprisonment.

In addition, the court ordered Nasir to sign a bond to be of good behaviour for 12 months and compensate the victim with GHC2,400. 

In the case of Innusah Musah, another accomplice, the court cautioned and discharged him on the charge of assault.

However, on the charge of conspiracy to commit a crime, Musah was ordered to pay a fine of GHC1,800 or serve three months.

He was additionally ordered by the court to sign a bond to be of good behaviour for 12 months and compensate the victim with GHC2,400.

The three; Zakaria Zulkani, Seidu Abdul Nasir, and Innusah Musah, are all tricycle riders the court presided over by Mrs Naomi A. A. Kuntour heard.
The prosecution led by Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Thomas Sarfo and Chief Inspector Bernice Wie Kpuusuu said the complainant Abdul Suleman was a student and resident of Kojo-Oku, a suburb of Gomoa Nyanyano.

Zulkani, the first accused person, Seidu Abdul Nasir, the second accused and Innusah Musah, the third accused person are all tricycle riders and residents of Walantu, Kasoa.

On March 31, 2024, at 11:00 am, the complainant boarded Zulkani’s tricycle from Kasoa to Millennium City junction.

There were two persons on board, but one alighted at Kakraba near KFC.
The prosecution said on reaching the Ghana Revenue Office, the complainant gave Zulkani the fare but he told him to hold on.

The prosecutor said Zulkani after riding for a few meters closer to “I See Block Factory” stopped and parked off the road to urinate.

It said Zulkani  was making phone calls whilst urinating and suddenly ran to the complainant and started accusing him of causing his penis to shrink.
Subsequently, the prosecution said Zulkani held the complainant’s shirt firmly and called Nasir and Musah.

The prosecution said due to Zulkani’s false alarm, Nasir and Musah arrived at the scene and assaulted the complainant without any provocation.

Fortunately for the complainant, the prosecution said the Central East Police Patrol Team arrived at the scene rescued the complainant, and brought both parties to the Millennium City Police Station where a complaint was lodged.
The prosecution said Zulkani was escorted to Kasoa Polyclinic for examination and treatment.

After the examination, the Medical Officer on duty said Zulkani’s penis was normal and stable contrary to his assertion.

The prosecutor said the complainant was issued with a Police medical report form for treatment.

Source: GNA

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