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Newly wedded wife scalds husband with hot water for stopping her from calling men (READ)

NIGERIA – A tumultuous event unfolded in Kontangora Local Government Area of Niger State when Amina Abashe purportedly scalded her husband, Shehu Abdullahi, with boiling water during a dispute arising from her frequent conversations with other men.

According to reports by LIB and recounted by Abdullahi himself to Daily Trust from his hospital bed at Kontagora General Hospital, the couple had tied the knot merely two months prior, following Abdullahi’s bereavement of his former wife.

Abdullahi disclosed that the altercation commenced with Abashe’s initial attempt to fatally stab him, which he thwarted by disarming her.

Subsequently, she resorted to pouring boiling water on him. Despite their recent union, Abashe adamantly refused to relocate to his abode, prompting him to address the issue with her parents.

The fateful evening of the incident, Abashe summoned Abdullahi home, where she abruptly declared her disinterest in the marriage, citing another man willing to refund Abdullahi’s dowry.

Allegedly, she conversed with her suspected paramour while in Abdullahi’s presence, further enraging him.

In the heat of the moment, Abdullahi attempted to wrest the phone from her grasp, leading to a scuffle during which he disarmed her once more.

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