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IMANI PULSE Episode 5: Positive sentiments for NPP surge for first time

In the lead-up to Ghana’s highly anticipated 2024 General Elections, IMANI, a leading think tank, has unveiled Episode 05 of its PULSE Reports.

This fortnightly curated social media-based sentiment analysis report, aptly named PULSE, aims to track the pulse of Ghanaian citizens through comprehensive monitoring of social media discourse.

The IMANI Public Understanding and Literacy for Sentiment and Election Analysis (PULSE) is a vital tool designed to gauge public sentiment regarding major political contenders and influential trends shaping social media dialogue.

The analysis encompasses various platforms including Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, podcasts, newsfeeds, and the web, providing a holistic view of the social media landscape.

In a significant development for Episode 05, PULSE expanded its scope to include sentiments and influences of not just the two major political parties, the NPP and the NDC, but also other emerging forces such as the PNC, CPP, ACP, PPP, and independent candidates like the Butterfly Movement and the New Force.

Utilizing main keywords associated with each contender, PULSE analyzed sentiments from February 26th to March 26th, 2024, providing valuable insights into the evolving social media dynamics.


Positive Sentiment

The NPP witnessed a surge in positive sentiment on social media, with a marginal increase from 10.22% to 10.71%, whereas the NDC experienced a slight decline from 10.22% to 9.5%.

Notably, the NPP exhibited a lead in positive sentiment, marking the first time they surpassed the NDC in this aspect.

Negative Sentiment

Both major party candidates saw a significant decrease in negative sentiment. The NPP experienced a notable drop of almost 13%, while the NDC’s decrease was comparatively smaller.

The decline in negative sentiment signifies a shift in the social media narrative, with the NPP gaining an edge over the NDC in terms of fewer negative mentions.

Events Impacting Sentiment

Events such as the State of the Nation Address (SONA 2024) debate and the launch of the One Student One Tablet initiative garnered substantial attention and influenced sentiments.

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s engagement with traders in the Bono Region, along with the fulfillment of promises, generated positive buzz for the NPP, especially on platforms like TikTok.

Conversely, a walk and dance challenge organized by Candidate Mahama, coupled with controversial pronouncements by NDC elders, sparked engagement and discussions surrounding the NDC.

Head-to-Head Comparison

NPP maintained its dominance in social media mentions, with events like Bawumia’s engagements driving significant interactions.

While NDC’s direct mentions were fewer, their social media reach improved, indicating heightened engagement and interest in NDC-related issues.

Associated Keywords and Hashtags

Candidate Mahama’s campaign centered around keywords like #24houreconomy, while Candidate Bawumia’s campaign rallied around hashtags such as #boldsolutionsforthefuture and #empoweringghana.

These keywords and hashtags played a pivotal role in shaping social media discussions and narratives for both candidates.

Special Mentions and Segmentation

Independent hopeful Nana Kwame Bediako emerged as a prominent figure in social media discussions, with his hashtag #thenewforce gaining traction and positive sentiments.

Episode 05 of IMANI’s PULSE Reports offers a comprehensive analysis of social media sentiments ahead of the 2024 General Elections in Ghana.

The report highlights evolving trends, significant events, and emerging influencers, providing valuable insights for political stakeholders and citizens alike as they navigate the digital landscape of political discourse.

With the stage set for more engaging interactions in the coming months, PULSE continues to serve as an essential tool for understanding the heartbeat of Ghana’s political arena.

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