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Gold Exhibition Opens In Germany

Ambassador Gina Blay (2nd L) poses with the Knauf family at the Akan Gold Exhibition


Ghana’s Ambassador to Germany, Gina Ama Blay, last March joined officials of the city of Iphofen in Germany to open an exquisite exhibition of gold dubbed, “The Gold of the Akan, Courtly Golden Jewellery from West Africa.”

Held at the Knauf Museum, its director, Dr. Markus Mergenthaler, expressed delight at the opportunity to host such a culturally significant event and emphasised the Knauf Museum’s dedication to showcasing diverse and insightful exhibitions.

He underscored the significance of Akan gold artistry, revealing that the exhibition comprised over 300 pieces, predominantly dating from the 19th and 20th centuries, ranging from high rank badges to complex tracery jewellery, ceremonial regalia, and refined wood carvings.

He indicated that the exhibits include artifacts from the extensive Liaunig collection in Austria, the British Museum in London, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, and the Gold of Africa Museum in Cape Town. He noted that the exhibition marked the first time these treasures from the Liaunig collection had been exhibited outside of Austria.

Ambassador Gina Blay poses with Mrs Knauf in Iphofen

In her remarks, Ambassador Blay expressed appreciation for the invitation to participate in the opening of the exhibition.

She highlighted the significance of showcasing the cultural heritage of the Akan people and their artistic skills, particularly their relationship with gold, as well as the exhibition’s role in promoting cultural exchanges between Ghana and Germany.

While thanking the Knauf family, the organisers, curators, and other stakeholders for their contributions to the event’s success, Ambassador Blay encouraged the hundreds of attendees to explore and appreciate the craftsmanship, beauty, symbolism, and the eclectic nuances and story behind each golden artifact.

The Ambassador was accompanied by Mrs. Amanda Osafo Kantanka Yeboah, First Secretary, Political and Diaspora Affairs at the Berlin Mission.


The Knuaf Museum, owned by the Knaufs, a family-owned company, opened in 1983, in Iphofen. According to museum officials, the museum has showcased approximately 200 replicas of some of the world’s most astounding museum exhibits, including objects dating back to 3500 BC.

The Knauf Company, is a multinational company that primarily produces building materials. Their range of products are gypsum-based construction materials including plasterboard and drywall, as well as insulation, flooring, and ceiling systems.

Knauf operates in various sectors of the construction industry, providing solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. The company has about 41,500 employees in more than 90 countries and over 300 plants worldwide.

Some Gold exhibits at the Knauf museum in Iphofen

Knauf Company first established its presence in Ghana with the opening of the Knauf Group Training Centre in Accra in conjunction with the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation during the 2019 German African Business Summit.

Senior Managing Director of the Company, Dr. Alexander Schulz, indicated that the Knauf training centre in Accra has offered theoretical and practical training to over three thousand two hundred Ghanaians since 2019, with up to 800 training places available each year.

The training sessions, which are open to architects, construction engineers, and construction workers, are designed to upgrade the knowledge of these professionals on how various gypsum-based building materials are processed and how to use them properly in building and construction.

The Knauf Company continues to import its products into Ghana until such a time that it has gained an appreciable market-share to necessitate the construction of its own production facility.

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