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Ohio Mother Jailed Life Imprisonment For Leaving Her Child To Death Over Vacation

The Ohio mom who left her 16-month-old baby starve to death in a soiled playpen while she went on a 10-day vacation has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The mother identified Kristel Candelario, 32, committed the offence in June 2023 when she left her toddler in their Cleveland home without any supervision and went for ten day vacation in Detroit and Puerto Rico.

Appearing in court on Monday, Judge Brendan Sheehan told the mom to spend her whole life in prison.

“Just as you didn’t let you baby out of her confinement, so too you should spend the rest of your life in a cell without freedom”, said Judge Brendan.

Judge Brendan continues saying the only difference will be, the prison will at least feed you and give you liquid that you denied your daughter.

During the mitigation, Candelario, who claimed to have struggled with depression and other mental health issues, said she has prayed daily for forgiveness.

Her parents backed the plea but court decided to stick to the judgment.

Source:New York Post

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