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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Vicky Zugah’s guests display oral sex skills on live TV –

Netizens are unhappy after chancing on a video where two guests on actress Vicky Zugah’s ‘Red Light’ show were seen demonstrating oral sex on live TV.

Halfway through discussing the topic, ‘licking/sucking and its effects’ on UTV, the guests were seen lying in bed.

The unidentified male guest was spotted in boxer shorts with a detachable dildo at the exact spot where his penis is.

The woman was also captured in a see-through mesh outfit that revealed her private parts, making them more accessible during the process.

With her legs widely opened on set, she reached out for the dildo around the man’s penis area and was rigorously sucking it in a manner that looked real.

In the same position, the male guest spread the woman’s legs wide open and buried his face into her vagina area.

He touched and stroked with his fingers while repeating the ‘licking’ process and the woman did the same.

Many have wondered why such acts should be condoned on national TV.

Other tweeps have argued that this particular show and the several other ones engaging in similar concepts should be boycotted.


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