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There Are A Lot Of Diseases Around, I Will Not Kiss In Again- Prince David Osei

Ghallywood actor, Prince David Osei says kissing in movies is something of the past to him now.

The “bad boy” actor says that sometimes he is taken aback when he takes a look at some of the actresses he kissed all in the name of shooting romantic movies.

To his surprise, he does not know whether some of these people have a hidden sickness or not.

“I sit down and look at the images of my colleagues I kissed and wonder if I indeed kissed all of them in the name of a movie,” he said.

Stating why he is putting a stop to shooting romantic movies, the actor says he is afraid for his health.

According to him, there are a lot of diseases out there and he does not know whether the person he might kiss has a disease or not, so, the best way for him is to stop kissing in movies.

Prince claims he does not know what the actresses he kisses in the movies do with their mouths, or, the kind of diseases they have.

“There are a lot of diseases around, and one does not really know what one is doing with his or her mouth or where they have used their mouths to do,” he said.

Meanwhile, the unapologetic National Patriotic Party sympathizer has publicly endorsed the vice president who doubles as the flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party, Dr. Bawumia.

The actor was all over Ghana trumpeting the goodness of the New Patriotic Party during their campaign season in the last general election.

He was so invested in the party that he went to the extent of campaigning against his colleague actor and friend, John Dumelo in Ayawaso West Wuogon.

Even though Prince David Osei said that he regretted supporting the NPP in the last election, a few months before the general election, he has endorsed the vice president Dr. Bawumia.

The actor has said he strongly believes Dr. Bawumia, when given the nod can make Ghana a better place everyone is anticipating.

According to him, Dr. Bawumia as the vice president of Ghana has done better than any other Ghanaian vice presidents and some presidents.

Speaking in an interview on Accra-based Accra FM, Prince David claims “The vice president has been one of the most prolific vice presidents we have ever had. Go through the history, Accra, errrm, late Attah Mills, errrm, ex president Mahama, Mr. Aliu. When you look at all these, tell me which of them made any impact or did any initiative as the vice president. No, none of them. When you talk about digitization you can point out that oh, the vice president his Excellency Bawumia did this. Tell me, with this NIA that we have now, right now we can curb crime. Your everything is on the card so anywhere you go, as long as they take your card they will know every detail about you, where you stay and everything”, Prince David Osei said.

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