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Lady cries and begs for forgiveness as her boyfriend catches her in the hotel room with another man –

A trending video shows the moment a Nigerian lady, identified simply as Grachi, was caught with another man in a hotel room in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

Apparently, the lady and her sideguy had stayed in the hotel room for the past three days.

Grachi was said to have lodged into a hotel room with another guy after lying to her main boyfriend that she was travelling to her hometown.

Unfortunately for her, her boyfriend got wind of her plans and stormed the hotel to confront her with some other people.

In the trending video, the lady can be seen and heard tearfully crying and begging for forgiveness.

According to her, it was the devil to pushed her to cheat on her boyfriend
Her boyfriend on the other hand who was having a field day can be heard shouting in pidgin ‘She go sleep with man oo”.

As of the publication of this article, the video had garnered over 100k views and 10 k comments on Instagram alone.

Some of the notable comments under the video are…

@Meehnarh – No amount of apology would fix it, if a man catches you che@ting just dey go. Men can’t forgive cheáting oh, if he does he’d make you pay dearly for it.

@The Sparkleschick – That girl trying to cover her face so she doesn’t appear on camera deserves best friend award.

@Catherine Nancy – If he was a good man he would find out why she cheated. He should pray and stand by her.

@U.hate.cy – Rule no.1 don’t cheat
Rule no.2. If you must cheat then never get caught
Rule no.3. if you’re caught, don’t beg. Walk out of that relationship with what’s is left of your dignity

Watch the video below to know more…


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