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I’m in Gomoa Central to deliver and not to make promises – A Plus –

Member of Parliament hopeful for Gomoa Central, Kwame Asare Obeng known popularly as A Plus says he did not come to the constituency to make promises but rather to get things fixed.

He says it’s been six months since he started his campaign in the constituency but he has been able to provide the people with some amenities which have been lacking all these years.

Kwame A Plus believes that people mustn’t focus on only waiting for the government to make things right but rather, also try to do their best to make the lives of the people better.

“It is coming up very well. I will be a Member of Parliament for five years because I’ve already started the work. In the next four years, any individual who will enter the constituency will have hope in Ghana. I didn’t go there to make promises. I went there to deliver, to change the constituency. I’ve been campaigning in the constituency for the past six months.”

“I’m making sure that I change this constituency. We will continue to blame the government but on our own what have we done? People will say because I’m looking for votes that’s why I’m doing something but I built ten boreholes in Accra. I did hole-in-heart surgery for people that even Korle Bu gave me a discount. It’s not about election I just love to be there for the people. This seat I’m going to win it,” he said on Accra-based UTV.


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