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Sunday, February 25, 2024

“They’ve Collected Money” – Wike Knocks Abuja Protesters Calling For His Resignation

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike has reacted to angry Abuja natives, protesting at the National Assembly, calling for his resignation.

The aggrieved protesters criticized Wike’s leadership, labelling it as incompetent and lacking vision for the development of the Federal Capital Territory.

The former governor of Rivers state, in his reaction today, said that he is not distracted because not everybody will agree with the policies of the government but actions must be taken in the interest of the people.

Speaking during the flag-off of remedial work on Asokoro, Wuse roads, Wike said: “On Wednesday, somebody told me that there were some people who were carrying placards. Frankly speaking, I didn’t have time to see that, I was busy. I don’t want to be distracted. We want to be focused and deliver on the mandate Tinubu has given to us.

“One thing you must also understand is that, this is a democracy, so many people are entitled to their opinions. But what is important is, that your opinion must be in line with what is good for the people of the FCT.

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“We cannot continue to do the same thing, the same way and expect to achieve different results. One of the big things about leadership is that you must be firm and bold and courageous to make a decision and we have taken decisions to make sure that our people are happy with this administration.

“We have taken a decision to make sure that we will do the best for the people as mandated by President Bola Tinubu.”

“In the policies you make, it may not favour so many people, but what is important, is the generality of people and not some people who benefit at the detriment of others. When you bring a policy that will bring change, so many people will kick against it. The few who benefit will kick against it. But when you are focused, they have no choice but to align themselves with the policies of the government.

“Don’t disturb yourself about people who were paid and they have collected the money and it ended yesterday. Nobody should be worried that people are demonstrating, if they don’t demonstrate, is it the devil that will demonstrate, people must have work to do.

“We can boldly tell Nigerians that in these few months with the support of Mr. President, this is what we have done. By the grace of God in the one year in office of President Tinubu, Nigerians will see what Tinubu has done in FCT. And that is what we stand for. By May 29, 2024 FCT will roll out its achievements.”

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