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I love Asake’s Choir Vocals – South African Singer, Tyla Reveals

South African singer, Tyla Laura Seethal, has shared her admiration for Nigerian singer Asake.

Tyla said she loves how Asake uses his “choir vocals” in a recent RollingStone interview about the inspiration behind her viral hit “Water.”

She claimed that the inspiration for her song “Water” came from Nigerian Afrobeats, childhood R&B influences, and Amapiano from her native country.

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She said, “Amapiano music is the core of it [‘Water’] in my opinion. And just all of the influences from growing up like Rihanna and all the R&B girlies, R&B boys, pop girls. That type of influences I love bringing into my music.

“Something I really love in Afrobeats music is when I hear those step vocals that sound like a choir, almost. And I really love the way Asake uses it. I just always love the way it sounds. So, with the chorus [of my song ‘Water,’ I incorporated it]. Obviously, people can’t stop singing, they can’t get it out of their minds, which I love.”

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