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Man distraught after finding out wife is a lesbian barely a year in marriage

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A man in distress reached has out to the public seeking guidance after discovering unsettling truths about his wife, resulting in their separation merely 11 months into their marriage.

Sharing his heart-wrenching story with Tima Kumkum on the Late Night Show, the man revealed he found out his wife is a lesbian, hookup and she married him simply to cover her tracks.

Initially, their relationship was governed by an agreement of privacy regarding their phones.

However, his wife’s extensive use of passwords raised red flags, prompting him to investigate further.

The disheartened husband also learned of his wife’s involvement in a complicated family scandal, including intimate relations with her stepfather, which resulted in her parents’ separation.

According to him, when confronted with the evidence he had gathered, all his wife did was laugh, amid threats of dealing with him.

Fearing for his life, the distraught husband told Tima he has demanded a divorce, which his wife has vehemently denied.

He shared his story to seek help on how to get rid of his legally wedded wife in a way that would not attract drama or put his life at risk.

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