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Thursday, February 29, 2024

MTN’s success driven by risks and investments

The Managing Editor for TechFocus24.com, Samuel Dowuona, has attributed MTN’s success in the telecommunications space to its commitment to proving that it’s an African organization.

Speaking on The Point of View on Citi TV, he explained that the success of the company is a reflection of multiple years of voluntary risks and investments taken in the African market, and it is currently yielding benefits.

“MTN is committed to being an African company and to helping develop Africa. That is why MTN keeps investing,” he said.

“Vodafone began this mobile money business, but tell me, who’s controlling the market now? For 6 years, MTN did this business and earned nothing. This shows how ready they are to invest in Africa,” he added.

His comments fall on the back of a tariff adjustment by MTN-Ghana on all its products and services due to rising operational costs.

Touching on the implications of the increment and the future of the Telcos industry, Mr. Samuel bemoaned the current regulatory strategies being adopted by the National Communications Authority.

“So the question is, has your SMP intervention yielded the result you were looking for? Thus, trying to curtail MTN, so the others will grow? The answer is no! So if you’re looking for numbers to back whether competition is better, these numbers should tell you that we’re worse off,” he added.

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