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I will use tertiary students as ministers – 2024 independent candidate hopeful –

An independent presidential candidate hopeful for the 2024 general elections, Kofi Koranteng, has said that he will use tertiary students to run the various ministries in the country should he become president.

He said he believes that well-trained graduates possess the same competence and skills required to manage government ministries effectively.

The aspiring presidential candidate argued that the essential qualities needed for effective leadership are not exclusive to older generations, who currently occupy many ministerial positions.

Instead, he emphasised that graduates, given the right training, can perform at par with experienced ministers.

“With all these ministries, I will be able to run them with tertiary students. What really does a minister do? What is the job role?

“Let’s take the brain of a minister and put it right here and take the brain of a graduate and put it here. Now, the brain of the minister has to have competent and functional, specific training relevant to development. So, if you take the brain of the minister and you process it the same way for the student, won’t you get the same effect?” he asked.

Highlighting the need for a fresh perspective and a break from traditional political approaches, Koranteng criticised the government’s continual reliance on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for economic stability.

He stated that of the sixteen times Ghana has been to the IMF for bailout, the leaders should have been able able to achieve the stability the loans are intended for by now.

“We go to the IMF once, shame on you. We go to the IMF twice, shame on me. IMF sixteen times?

“We have been to the IMF sixteen times for stability but what have we done with it? This means that the brain that took you to the IMF cannot be the same brain that fixes the problem that caused us to go to the IMF. The NDC and NPP cannot fix the problem they have caused,” he added.

Watch him speak in the video below:


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