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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Tom Blyth Reveals What He Learned From His ‘Hunger Games’ Prequel Co-Stars –

Tom Blyth is sharing what his co-stars Viola DavisPeter Dinklage, and Jason Schwartzman taught him while working on The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.

Tom stars as the film’s protagonist, Coriolanus Snow, while Viola Plays Head Gamemaker Dr. Volumnia Gaul. Peter‘s character is Dean Casca Highbottom, and Jason portrays Lucky Flickerman.

Tom shared what he learned while working with the aforementioned actors, who, combined, have five Emmys and an Oscar.

“No amount of training can ever prepare you for the kind of skills you learn from watching and working with your idols,” he told ET. “Having Peter and Viola and Jason there to kind of not only watch but absorb from, it couldn’t have been more of a dream for me, as an actor.”

He then elaborated on the specific lessons each actor gave him.

Viola taught me to kind of play and always find playfulness within the work,” Tom said.

He continued, “Peter taught me to not take the noise too seriously and focus on the acting, and Jason taught me to have a bag of tricks up my sleeves at all times – because that man is endlessly funny.”

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