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FanMilk marks FanYogo come back with massive consumer experience day

FanMilk PLC brings together its consumers for a unique experiential event which integrates fun and engaging activities, a factory tour, some presentations and ultimately, a treat to assorted FanMilk products.

Present at the event were consumers from diverse socio-economic classes including influencers, media personalities as well as some dissatisfied consumers who had complained about FanYogo.

FanMilk takes feedback as an opportunity to improve and deepen the connection with its consumers said Helen Korley – The Refreshments Category Manager of the company.

Highlights from the day were the guided factory tour which gave its consumers first-hand experience of how their favourite frozen snacks and desserts are made. Consumers got the opportunity to see FanYogo Mango Passion being produced on the line in real-time.

The most outstanding observation for them was the adherence to strict safety and hygiene protocols in the production of the products.

One consumer’s remark was: “I will consume FanMilk products with my eyes closed going forward after what I have seen today at the factory, wow.”

Other exciting highs were a sensory moment that tested how well consumers know the flavours they enjoy, a co-creation brand exercise, FanMilk quality protocols especially focused on product handling and the role everyone plays in the value chain in protecting the integrity of the products.

Consumers were keen to know if their most loved FanYogo was back, to which the CEO of FanMilk – Mr.  Ziobeieton Yeo said: “We heard you, our experts got to work, and I am happy to inform you that, FanYogo is back in the same great taste you love and remember it to be”. T

his news was received with lots of excitement and eagerness to taste.

Finally, the moment of truth for consumers to taste the new FanYogo came, and they loved it! Francis Abban had this to say: “This is great, good job.”

FanYogo is back in the same great taste you know it to be, you must try it now from any of the poopi, poopi vendors, or any supermarket or neighbourhood store near you for your on-the-go refreshment needs.

FanMilk PLC was established in 1960 and is a key player in the dairy manufacturing sector in Ghana. The company is the leading player in the frozen yoghurt, frozen flavoured milks, and ice cream categories with household brands such as: FanYogo, FanChoco, FanIce, SuperYogo, and FanMaxx.

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