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Balancing spiritual task with physical works is important for human development – Elder Ofori Jnr.

The Senior pastor of the 7th Day Pentecostal Assemblies located at Kumasi Esereso in the Ashanti Region, Elder Enoch Ofori Jnr has disclosed that balancing spiritual task with physical works is very important for human development.

He observed that human beings are multidimensional elements consisting of physical body and spiritual aspect, and therefore if one part is ignored in favor of the other, the system becomes incomplete to function effectively as expected of individuals. 

In an interview with the Content Writer, Elder Enoch Ofori noted that in the same vein people, especially christians have to know that 

prayers without hardwork is meaningless.

If you believe that prayers alone can transform your life without hard work then you are misleading yourself and it is just like a person who wants eats ripe plantain but rather wronged the unripe one for a meal. 

As Christians we should know how to balance ourselves to ensure our proper development because many followers of Christ believes only in spiritualism and do away with physical issues which does not help our existence as complete human beings.

From practical evidence the clergy underscored that balancing spiritual works with physical ones allow individuals to lead more fulfilled and purposeful life to help contribute positively towards the rapid socio economic development of the country.

Elder Enock Ofori Jnr noted that, religion, such as Christianity can play a role in shaping the values and beliefs of the society, if christians get to know the role that spiritual and physical balances play in their lives.

The man of God indicated that God created the universe and put aside one day for a man to worship Him but unfortunately some leaders in the ministries have allegedly hijacked all the seven days to worship to contradict the working command of God. 

Elder Ofori said worshipping God is paramount and important in human life, we need to know when and how to do that in order to observe the rest of the days for work.

On the occasion the clergy advised Christians to as a matter of concern to balance spiritual work with physical ones so as to enable them fulfil the purpose of their existence.

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