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Wicked or Natural? Strange Facts About Rastafarians You Need To Know

Rastafarians are extraordinary people with spiritual powers guiding them and as always, they’re mostly been portrayed to be wicked and rude.

Despite we knowing allot of celebrities who are Rastafarians both in Ghana and in the diaspora, below are some facts about Rastafarians you probably haven’t heard of;

(1) They are hot tempers but DOESN’T last more than 20 minutes.

(2) They are stammers once they get angry

(3) Soft hearts.

(4) No one can kill them.

(5) They are loved by everyone.

(6) They are very stubborn set of people.

(7) You can’t offend them and go Scott free.

(8) If they curse you , it will come to pass.

(9) They are always great in life but face so much challenges in life.

(10) Whosoever that they love must see good things in life.

(11) Some of them are gifted with music.

(12) Some of them are seers, healers.

(12) They don’t joke with their dreams because it must surely come to pass.

(13) They don’t have grudges.

(14) Once they got angry it’s end there.

(15) They always bold in speaking.

(16) They always speak their minds.

(17) They always say the truth .

(18) They always love to help everyone. 

(19) They are strong people.

(20) People always betray them in life , in love ,in business, in everything.

(21) If they cry something, something bad must happen.

(22) They don’t do with charms because it’s DOSENT work for them. 

I’m talking about the real natural dada from birth. These facts just tells us to not judge people by their appearance as we mostly do and helps us know how to behave with rastafarians the next time we meet them.

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