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Only unserious men insist on marrying women with big bortos and melons – Counsellor Charlotte Oduro states

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Renowned Ghanaian marriage and relationship expert, Counsellor Charlotte Oduro has described men who are more interested in big bortos and melons than the character of the woman they want to marry as unserious.

In an on-air interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay Fm, Counsellor Charlotte argued that men who choose to settle down with women mainly because of their physical appearance are not serious and won’t achieve anything tangible in life.

According to her, any mature man who knows where he’s heading in life and understands his vision and priorities will not be looking for ass and breasts.

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While advising men on the right women to spend their lives with, she also hammered on the dangers of chasing after superficial things like big ass and breasts.

She reminded men who are yet to marry that true beauty and value come from within, and that a person’s character and integrity are far more important than their physical appearance.

Below are some of the comments gathered Counsellor Charlotte Oduro’s ‘controversial’ advice to men;

Michael Ahebenor – Madam you are not a man to know what men really want in a woman. You are merely speaking from hear say, better keep quiet.

Rowland Offei-Okyne – During the last men’s fellowship meeting, I don’t remember her being chosen as our mouthpiece

Zakaria Zankey – Yansh is medicine ooooo if u close from work n u are relaxing in the house looking ur wife moving around with big yansh it make ur mind become more stable,yansh is good

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Mensah Agbenyegah – Can we not find a loving, supportive, respectful wife with all our specs?? As for me, if she no be helpful self wey she get my spec self I go like am. This life e be balancing of equation with four different variables. As for lemon sized breast die3 i beg. Anka m3 da k)m wai.

Amen Jay Yakoema – My major problem is am a school bus driver I cant just understand why parent’s are diluting drinks for their school kids today I nearly vomit. Parent’s by now should be aware that we all drink it

Seth Nii Sowah – Everything counts in any serious relationship. There are no properly defined formula for a successful relationship. A successful relationship solely depends on the partners involved and nothing else. I have seen even pastors divorcing their wives, so being God fearing isn’t part of the success story as it may be in some cases.

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