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My husband gives me money anytime we have intercourse – Wife laments

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A woman has complained that her husband does not respect their marriage because of the way he treats her.

She claimed that her husband gives her money every time they share a bed, and he even takes her on dates to various motels where he gives her cash after each sexual experience.

The distraught woman’s story was shared online by a relationship expert, who claimed that the wife felt disrespected because her husband treated her like a runs girl.

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The woman claimed that when they were dating, she thought it was amusing that the guy would pay for her body.

The issue now is that despite being married for three years, he still pays her every time they have a sexual encounter.

She claimed that they have not yet had any children and that she had assumed that since they had become husband and wife, his kink would have subsided.

Watch the video below to know more…

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Below are some of the comments gathered under the video…

daryl_osas_jr – My thoughts. The man like doing this kind of things with other girls because he is now married and don’t want to cheat on the wife, that why he is doing it, if you don’t understand let me explain better …. see more

nonso_freshy – This one school for Linus mbah University… ?kp? How dare u come out with such stories and she even add that the woman no get pregnant for 3years Ahhhhhh may God forgive u for this lies

creamysweetpea – She better be happy, that’s her husband’s fantasy as hookup master him be; instead of doing it with strangers! He prefers to hookup & pay his wife? at least the money is circulating in the family 

wigs_on_massive – Does he pay her in cash or transfer? Drop full info pls,so we go know how to help her.

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