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#6thSenseonJoyPrime: Economic situation cause of Ghana’s moral bankruptcy – Angela Bamford

TV personality Angela Bamford believes Ghana is currently facing serious moral bankruptcy, explaining that the worsening economic situation is having a real impact on the moral fibre of the country.

She said that an average Ghanaian exhibits good morals, but the situation they find themselves in may make them behave otherwise.

Angela Bamford made these comments when she appeared on The 6th Sense, which airs on Joy Prime.

“For me, it’s the economic situation. That’s why I said I wanted us to look at it from a macro perspective, because if I have money in my account, I can feed myself. If I see someone’s money on the floor and I know it’s for this person, I will go and give it to you because I don’t need it,” she said.

According to her, Ghanaians used to have good moral standards some years back, but that has changed in current times due to the economic hardships.

She further stated that Ghanaians, especially those that tend to indulge in immoral acts, are only acting out of frustration.

The TV personality further stated that if the economic situation favoured everybody, the moral scale would improve.

“But in general, when you look at the population, you will say that someone will go and stand on the street and insult the president, so they have bad morals. It is because they are frustrated.”

“But in the 80s, or the 70s, or the 60s, things were good. You’ll come across someone’s thing ode b3br3 wo (He/She would return it to the owner). Things were okay, and people could eat. Things are hard now,” she said.

The TV show host also mentioned Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, claiming that when people can afford their basic needs, moral misconduct and practises will decrease dramatically.

She explained that people resort to immoral acts like stealing when they cannot afford their basic needs, and if she found herself in that category, she would steal to cater for herself.

“The inflation alone, people cannot feed themselves, so if I can’t feed myself, I will steal to feed myself.”

“At the end of the day, that is my most basic animalistic instinct, which is to feed myself, according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. People kill to feed themselves,” she said.

The entrepreneur stated that she does not agree that courtesy is connected to morality. According to her courtesies, morality is thought to be innate and inherent, and we as human beings are born with distinct behaviours into a society that conditions us.

Angela Bamford also stated that if people keep being assertive but with courtesy, it will not be seen as immorality.

The 6th Sense Show is an all-ladies talk show that seeks women’s perspectives on a variety of topics such as the economy, sex, marriage, politics, fashion, entertainment, and a variety of other topical and trending issues that elicit one’s clairvoyance, or sixth sense.

It is co-hosted by three very enterprising and beautiful ladies. Joy Prime’s Roselyn Felli, JoyNews’ Araba Koomson, and media personality Naadu Ollennu make up the panel.

They are always joined by a guest co-host.

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