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We complain about the economy but pay huge sums to travel abroad – Canada-based Ghanaian

Canada-based Ghanaian Daniel Amaning has stated that Ghanaians must quit complaining about the economy and instead find ways to build it. 

In a chat on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Daniel indicated that many Ghanaians pay travel agents and ‘connection men’ huge sums of money to travel abroad, and he is no exception. 

According to Daniel, he was a victim of such travel scams and lost $4000, but he was not discouraged. He said, “I did not give up because I wanted to see America. I was working and saving money solely to travel abroad. I just wanted to see America.” 

Daniel stated that after the first connection failed, he paid for another. But this time, Canada was the destination, but it was not his journey’s end. Eventually, Daniel decided to stay but visited the US. 

Known on social media as Danny Rich, Daniel added that if he was as experienced ten years ago as he is now, he would not have travelled abroad. 

“We may have some here to hustle, but no lazy man can survive on this land. So if you sell your property and travel, be ready to work 16 hours. When I came to Ghana, I saw many of my friends in big houses, but they have never travelled.

The opportunities are not only abroad. If I had established a business with that money, I might have had more than 2000 employers now,” he added. 

Kindly watch the full interview below;

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