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I started my own production house after one year suspension from acting – Yvonne Nelson

There is a saying that when life gives you lemons, make lemonades out of them.

This proverbial saying is often put across to urge people to make the best of adversity and difficult situations.

Celebrated Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, is one of many people who appears to have drawn inspiration from this saying during the starting phase of her movie career.

Recounting how she established her own production house, she told host, Kafui Dey, in an interview on GTV that she began after she was handed a one year ban from acting.

Narrating the incident, Yvonne said back then, she was a student at the Central University College, combining her passion for acting with her academic demands.

This she explained was quite a tussle and therefore she expressed her frustrations during a production where she was not made to film her role, despite leaving school to go on set.

“Something happened on Abdul Salam’s set and I complained about it. So I went to the set two days continuously and they did nothing with me.

“They didn’t shoot my scenes. And at that time I was at Central University. I remember I had quizzes, I had essays to write, I had stuff to do and Salam knew I was in school.

“But I felt like they just ignored me. No one cared whether you’re in school or whatever, there are so many girls in the line waiting to play what you’re doing on the set. So why are you even complaining? …

“So the third day I told them that listen, if I come the next day and you guys don’t film, that will be it”, she narrated.

Even though Yvonne said she did not threaten anyone, she recounted that she was given a one year ban after the said incident.

“Salam got angry and I left, but I remember Majeed Michel was on the set and he remembers everything that happened on the day.

So I went back, I went to school and all I heard was that we’re banning Yvonne Nelson. We’re not going to allow her to act for a year. So that happened”, she recalled.

Following this development however the actress said she sensed the happiness of other people who rejoiced over her sanction.

She added that no one was also available to put in a word to mitigate her punishment.

But in the midst of her grief, Yvonne said, “I did a lot of reflection. I registered a company; YN productions. And I’m here today”, she noted with excitement.

“And I’m like one of the few producers producing; making movies now”, she added.

Yvonne further disclosed that her ban from acting, subsequently gave her the opportunity to start acting in Nigeria.

“So it was good. It was a bad year but it became good”, she ended.

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