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First Sunday Of The Month: Say This Prayer Points To Be Protected From Any Evil Arrows

God is really great and good to us and for that reason he always listing to our prayers no matter how bigger our situation is.

When we always enter new month, the devil always set trap on us in order to destroy us and make our lives miserable and due to hat we need to pray always.

Today being the first Sunday of the month on February we have to pray in order to seek for the protection of God to be protected against evil arrows and see us through this month.

According to the Bible, it says we should ask and it shall be given to us so we have to ask for his protection now.

Without wasting much time me me take you through some prayer points, below are they.

Oh father of the universe I really thank you for allowing me to see this new month, I pray that you will continue to guide and protect me against any evil arrow that will co.e on my way.

The lord of God, I pray this day that, any evil arrow that has set against me this month shall be destroyed in Jesus name.

My father my father, it is by your grace that I’m still alive today and i seek for your protection this month in Jesus name i pray Amen.

The lord of Isaac, the lord of Jacob and the lord of Abraham I pray that you will continue to protect me and guide me this month.

Say the prayer points given above and your life will surely change and be protected.

Before I end my article, will like to share some Bible verses that speaks about prayers below.

According to Ezekiel 21:14, now, mortal man, prophesy, clap your hand and the sword will strike again and again, it’s sword that kills.

Also, Zechariah 3:2 says, The angel of the Lord said to Satan “may the lord condemn you. Satan!

Isaiah 54:15, whoever attacks you does it with my consent and who ever fight you will fall.

Thsi shows that when we pray it works and due to that we have to always pray for protection.

Any hand that shares this article shall be blessed in the mighty name of Jesus.

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