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Is It Good To Include Banana In Your Morning Breakfast

Naturally speaking, banana is a fruit rich in nutrients like vitamin C and potassium which are great for the body. It is definitely advised to at least consume banana every now and then. The question for today is whether it is good to eat as breakfast, or together with different meals.

For starters, adding banana to one’s breakfast has both benefits and disadvantages. Banana being rich in nutrients, is essentially good for the body and is not too costy that one can not purchase. It also contains a certain amount of suger which gives a boost to the individual for carrying out morning activities.

And on the other hand, banana contains a lot of carbs which aren’t always good for the body. Consuming too much might lead to weight gain, and a rise in sugar levels considering how much they contain.

So therefore, it is best advised to eat banana together with a balanced meal. Basically, adding together all the need essential nutrients to prevent the accumulation of any excess.

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