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She Insulted Tiktok And Is That The End Of Her Career?

Who’s currently the most talked about celebrity on tiktok?

I can’t expect everyone to go for one single celebrity because we’re all different, but without doubt, more than half of anyone watching this would definitely think of Jenna Ortega, popularly known as Wednesday Addams.

During the last few weeks of 2022, Netflix released the modern day version of a populary known series called Wednesday, and though the series is over, it’s still trending on social media, especially on tiktok and YouTube, because of the iconic Wednesday Addams dance scene, which has been mimicked by millions over the internet, some celebrities like the legendary lady Gaga and Camilla cabelo.

As everyone is set to risk it all for the upcoming season 2 of the Wednesday series, which would be released during the early months of 2023, the key actress, Jenna Ortega, made a statement about tiktok which some think and suggest will be the reason why the upcoming season will flop.

“I can’t look into all of that stuff, I think, good or bad, it’s probably not a healthy place to be.” Jenna said this about the tiktok app when she was asked to express her reaction towards millions mimicking her kooky choreography. Will Jenna Ortega’s negative comments about tiktok affect the upcoming season 2 of the Wednesday series? Jenna Ortega began acting in 2012 when she was just 9 years old, and though she has appeared in over 20 movies, the Wednesday series actually hyped her career because not everyone actually knew her until Wednesday went viral, especially on YouTube and tiktok.

Though other social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube are concerned, tiktok also deserves credit for the success of the first season of Wednesday because, Jenna’s iconic dance scene triggered most people to head over and watch the comic-horrific series. 

Jenna Ortega currently has nearly 40 million followers on Instagram, 20million followers on an inconsistent account on TikTok, and over 19 billion views also on TikTok, which means, most young people are actually interested in her style, personality, and movies. The Wednesday series broke the record for being the most watched English tv series by overtaking Stranger Things, though it was released a few weeks before the end of 2022, and this record wouldn’t have been worthy if there wasn’t YouTube and tiktok’s influence.

Though Jenna Ortega has over 50 million global fans awaiting the upcoming season two of her Wednesday series, she can take advantage of the huge numbers she’s getting on these Gen Z platforms like most celebrities did when they tended to go viral on these platforms, and doing this will increase her popularity as a young actress and the Wednesday series as well.

Who are we to force her to go places she thinks are unhealthy for her? don’t you think it’s unfair to say negative stuff about a platform that actually hyped you and your series? What if tiktok decides to not make any scenes from the upcoming season two of the Wednesday go viral on their platform? Do you think it would be as a successful as Season one?

As fans, we are all pleased with how humble and real she is but i think she has to consider some stuff before being publicly judgmental, though she’s entitled to do so.

She’s just 20, so she has to try as much as possible to stay relevant if she really wants to leave a mark as an iconic actress, and since we’re in a competitive world right now, it’s really easy to get famous since people easily forget as well. Should she continue to be real and condemn the tiktok app for being unhealthy? or she should take advantage of her trending dance scenes on the tiktok platform to promote the upcoming season two by being active on the app to help her have a long lasting career as a young actress since Tiktok is now the fame hub?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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