Mother-of-five about to go blind after copying an influencer by tattooing her eyeballs.

Wanting to copy Amber Luke, Anaya Peterson, mother of five, has her eyeballs tattooed and risks going blind.

She wanted to copy an influencer for whom an operation succeeded with great luck. Anaya Peterson, a mother of five children will probably not see her children anymore because of an eyeball tattoo.

She got her eyeballs tattooed in blues and purples, obviously taking inspiration from Australian “Blue-Eyed Dragon” model, Amber Luke. The influencer tattooed her eyeballs blue in 2019 before going temporarily blind for three weeks.

Unlike the influencer, the 32-year-old has been hospitalized since her eyes were altered and is likely to lose her sight permanently following an allergic reaction to eyeball ink.

Besides her eyes, Anaya has also split her tongue and done facial tattoos. She bitterly regrets this adventure and says that she would have liked to have listened to her file who had previously warned her of the consequences of this procedure.

In July 2020, she had her right eyeball tattooed blue before dyeing her left eye purple in December of the same year. Although everything was going well, Anaya was surprised to wake up in August 2021 with puffy eyelids.

She was taking antibiotics to calm the swelling to no avail. The situation continued to worsen despite the small treatment, forcing her to take a trip to the hospital where she was placed in the emergency room.

Her daughter, who was more or less educated on the subject, had repeatedly warned her about this practice, forbidding her to do so at the risk of becoming permanently blind.

“I was just going to make it an eye tattoo at first because I thought if I went blind, at least I would have the other eye. I should have stuck with that. My daughter told me not to do this, asking me what if you went blind? She didn’t agree with that at all. My eyelids started to swell, it was getting worse and worse. I looked like I went ten rounds with Mike Tyson.”

“It was a traumatic experience. I just remember thinking, I won’t do this shit again, with the eye tattoo. I definitely won’t do this shit again”.

Abaya regrets following the footsteps of Amber Luke. She is at very high risk of contracting glaucoma.

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