Why Government Can’t Get Enough Supply of Science, ICT, Tech, Chemistry, Physics Teachers

Government of Ghana is poised to Improve Education standard in the country and as a result, the Akuffo-Addo Led government has introduced the free SHS policy to ensure over 1.5 million Students were Able to have access to quality Education in the last 5 years since they assumed office.

Free SHS policy has developed several setbacks since it was introduced, some of these include the unavailability of skilled technical teachers in various fields Including teachers in mathematics, ICT, Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Arts, Cultural areas and Languages.

In the Area of the Sciences, there has been scarcity of teachers due to the fact that government has failed to implement the Technical Allowance policy of teachers to help them, technical teachers were supposed to be payed 50% of their base as salary but due to some unforeseen circumstances generating from the other sections of the Education sector and government, the Technical Allowance policy hasn’t been fruitful. 

Government won’t be getting enough Technical and science teachers until salary structure of Technical teaching is reviewed, it’s difficult to teach Technical courses without resources and funds, as a Result these teachers are forced to use their scarce resources to make available some tools and logistics in order to teach, some science teachers use their own money to buy fishes, other animals, chemicals to teach students, ICT teachers have to spend money to get projectors, print more resources etc, the least said about the difficulty and Technicality in assessing students in Technical areas the better, you can’t just give them theory or written exams.

These and many others have demoralized teachers from pursuing such sensitive and significant courses to occupy such sensitive areas.

The time is due for Technical teachers to be appreciated. In Uganda today, Technical teachers are properly renumerated and appreciated in order for the country to achieve their goals in Industrialization.

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