Ghanaian sports journalists block each other on Twitter after Ghana’s exit from the World Cup

Yes, as we anticipated, so is it happening. The journalists for and against will be begin to do their work either self inspired or motivated by someone.

It is either one party is speaking the truth or lies. It is always the defendant and the plaintiff after every World Cup tournament.

The exit of the Black Stars has sparked this same blame game again among Pro-GFA and Anti-GFA journalists.

To some, it is love for mother Ghana; to the others, a fight against incompetent leadership.

Immediately after the World Cup, there has been a bloodbath between two journalists, Frank Darkwah and Sheikh Tophic.

In one of Tophic’s posts, he wrote;

“All of a sudden, Otto ADDO has resigned! Otto ADDO has stepped down bla bla bla and even the BBC is publishing it. Meanwhile since his appointment, we all knew after December his job is done. We knew it. Ei, agenda paaaaa nie!” – Sheikh Tophic

Frank Darkwah also wrote on his Twitter page;

“They forcefully take their player to the WC and forcefully get him into the line up even when he isn’t better than the options available, all because of their interest. When things don’t go well their alleys will rather turn around to Blame and paint other players black. SHAME – Frank Darkwah

These two have a social media beef from the way both are speaking, and it has ended in a social media banter leading to the blocking of each other.

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