Pursuing Presidential Ambition Using Chairmanship As A Cover, The Reality Of General Mosquito’s Bid

It was quite normally in a political discourse and perseverance for someone to cunningly eye a political office in disguise.

Some, sometimes hide behind keep fits, sanitation ambassadors, philanthropic activism whiles those who are genuine and truthful declare their ambitions and therefore seen working to achieve same.

In this 21st century, in Ghana it will be extremely difficult for anyone to stick to those old antics and tactics, most especially, playing to the gallery of cunning, flattering, populism and seemingly being clever than Ananse or every else in Ghana.

The 21st century NDC youth now believe in truism,kind heart, good hands, clear mind and more importantly, clean heart. 

These questions come to mind and need answers from the camp of Chairman general aggressive attempts to overthrow our charismatic, affable, kind-hearted Chairman, Elder Ofosu AMPOFO.

1. What is it that general wanted to do for NDC DELEGATES and members that he could not do as general Secretary for 17 years that can only be done when he is national Chairman?

2.What is the meaning of Chairman general? Is it the case that, he will still owe the general Secretary office in addition to the Chairman’s office? Recapture after J. J Rawlings demise in mind. There is nothing like Chairman general in NDC portfolios. 

3.I have been a NEC member for at least 3years.There was no point NEC took a decision to have parallel National campaign team outside, the flagbearer and running mate teams. My checks equally proved that no such decisions were taken at FEC. So why did general unilaterally,formed his campaign team with his cronies in the 2020 general Elections? Was it to test his popularity vi_sa_vi the flagbearer? Or he was peeved for been denied running mate and could not therefore, move with any of them together?

4.Why is it that general is visiting Constituencies to meet only 28 delegates per Constituencies yet moves with convoy and PA system? Is it a flag bearership or running mate campaign rather than national championship campaign?

5. Can anyone pinpoint just one thing that general can do as Chairman that Ofosu AMPOFO could not as national Chairman as enshrined in the NDC constitution without him the NDC will not win?

5.Can general pinpoint one life changing policy he has successfully initiated and implemented that exist and is touching the lifes of delegates and members since he became general Secretary for the past 17 years for which reason we can trust him in his Chairmanship bid?

6.General has been a general Secretary since 2004.ln 2020, something unprecedented happened in the Ghanaian electoral process where an opposition party clinched speakership with same members of Parliament with the ruling party.who was the constant factor there and Who was the variable factor?

IAM correct to say,that general has been there since but the variable factor was Chairman Ofosu AMPOFO who became leader of the party as national chair.Right?

7.Can anyone show me a single Attack of H:E John Dramani Mahama or the first family from Chairman Ofosu AMPOFO? Can same be said of general?

At least,we still remember,Lordina is overshadowing the late vice president and acting as vice president statement from general in 2016.Who therefore,is anti_JM?

8.After the 2020 Elections,who was mobilising the Cadres to takeover the NDC?

9.Can someone mention one person each from a Region who is living a meaningful life that can be as a result of general 17 years as general Secretary outside his family,cronies and kinsmen?

10.Can someone give me pictorial evidence of general donating his widows might to a course outside his office as general Secretary?

I will join general campaign team today,if these questions are answered convincingly.

Sulemana Masahudu

Regional youth Organiser, Ahafo.

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