Personal: Why do children stand in front of footballers before every game?

For football fanatics it is very common to see players coming out, holding the hands of children. These children stand in front of them and wait for them to sing their various anthems before leaving the pitch. It is a tradition that is as old as time and dates back to as far as football competition started.

One of the main reasons these children come out with the players is because these football competitions are usually sponsored by Unicef the United Nations children emergency fund. Therefore, it only makes sense that they incorporate the children they are fighting for rights for.

Another reason is to indirectly tell these players that they have children who are looking up to them. Therefore, the game should be fair and without injustice because these children learn from everything they are doing.

Lastly the children are added as a reminder of innocence. At the end of the day football is just a game in the form of entertainment therefore the footballers should take on the childlike innocence and free spirits of these children.

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