NDC Race: 10 Factors You Need To Look Out For In A National Chairman

These are but few Factors you need to look out for in a National Chairman in the impending National Elections of the opposition National Democratic Congress.

1. A Chairman who picks your calls 

2. A Chairman who will return your calls 

3 A Chairman who listens to everyone irrespective of your status.

4. A Chairman who calls you by your name anytime any day wherever he meets you .

5. A Chairman who respect and understands comeradship 

6 A Chairman who honours your invitation at all times 

7. A Chairman who works with constituency executives.

8. A Chairman you can easily approach even been an ordinary party member .

9. A Chairman who is strategic with proven records over the years

10.A chairman who is already a chairman who have demonstrated by going into elections with party machinery when ever in charge .

I am a delegate and i will vote C4C .

Vote C4C to rescue power 2024 and same time make you relevant in the party.

Ey3 Zu Eye Za

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